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Carpet Flooring in Ardmore, OK


Find the perfect carpet for you home improvement project by shopping at our store. With a massive inventory, competitive pricing, and helpful staff, we are the one of the most trusted sources for carpet flooring in Ardmore, OK.

Carpet is a soft, beautiful material that comes in a diverse array of styles. Whether you want to add warmth to your living room or give your entire home a different look, our store is the best place to shop for great deals on new carpets. Our showroom offers major bands like Resista Refresh, Stainmaster, and Star Values, among many others, so you are certain to find the perfect product for your home improvement project.

Visit our store today to explore our incredible carpet selection and find out just how much you can save by shopping with us. Since we are part of one of North America’s largest flooring retailers, we utilize our immense buying power to secure unbeatable deals on trusted first-rate brands. We pass these savings on to you in the form of low prices you won’t find anywhere else.

The Many Benefits of Carpet

Add instant comfort to your home by choosing carpet floors. Whether you install this flooring in your living room, den, or bedroom, you will find that it adds a gentle ambiance to your home and makes it more comfortable for living, working, and playing. It gives a soft area for your children to play and create a great space for everyone to relax.

Furthermore, carpet flooring offers more traction underfoot and cushions any slips and falls. If you have a young child just learning to walk or anyone else in your household who is prone to falling, this flooring material is your safest option. In addition, carpet works as a sound barrier, helping to mute any noise that passes throughout your home.

Another advantage is the wide selection of styles available. With so many beautiful colors, patterns, and textures to choose from, there is a product to match any style or décor you may have. Talk to the helpful staff members in our showroom about your design goals and we will guide you toward the ideal carpets for your home improvement project.

Carpet Installation by the Professionals

Enjoy your home’s new look in no time by working with our professionals. Our contractors offer discounted rates on carpet installation. All the installers we trust are trained to handle every product that we sell—including our many varieties of carpet. They work quickly without compromising the quality of the job, getting in and out of your home as soon as possible so you can get back to your regular routine.

Industry-Leading Warranties

We offer a number of different guarantees on our installation work and certain products. Speak with our staff members to learn more about our warranties and which ones apply to your flooring purchase.

How to Care for Your Carpet

Keep your carpet looking great years after installation by practicing proper maintenance. Routinely vacuum your flooring to pick up dirt and debris before it has a chance to settle deep down in the fibers. When the floor begins to look lackluster, hire a deep cleaning service to come and eliminate the most stubborn dirt buried in the flooring. One deep cleaning session can take years off the appearance of your carpeting.

Any spills should be dabbed up as quickly as possible, followed by the application of a suitable cleaner. Reach out to us to learn what types of cleaners work best on your flooring style. If a stain is set and impossible to remove, consider adding a rug to your room to cover it up and elevate the room’s décor.

Elevate Your Room’s Design with Area Rugs

In addition to selling carpet flooring, our store also carries a wide assortment of handsome area rugs. Rugs add a splash of color to the room, as well as some texture. Since they come in such a broad range of styles and sizes, it is easy to find a rug that coordinates with both your flooring and the interior design of the entire room.

Rugs an easy way to give your room a makeover. They have added benefits such as being able to insulate the room so that it stays warmer longer. They also give the floor another layer of cushioning to prevent injuries after a fall. Area rugs are an excellent way to define space within a large room. To find out more about the design potential rugs and carpets offer, visit our showroom to discuss your home improvement project with our staff.



Contact our store for in-depth details on our carpet flooring inventory. We proudly serve the communities of Ardmore, Lone Grove, Dickson, Wilson, Marietta and Healdton, Oklahoma.

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